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Our Story from the Founder

My dream job was to work at a faith-based facility, but I came up empty in my search for a job at one semi-locally. I realized and knew that these hurting individuals needed God, just as much as I do. I desired to be a part of something greater than myself and to serve my Lord while doing so, not confined or restrained from telling others the gospel. It slowly became apparent to me that Christ based services were limited and men were just completely out of luck. I thought, someone really needs to open a faith based facility for men. I didn’t realize at that time what God was doing and how he was preparing my heart and mind for Redeemed and Restored. I can see many trials and circumstances that God has allowed to take place in my life in order to help me learn, grow, relate to others and push me out of my comfort zone. I haven’t especially cared for being in the midst of these trials but am thankful for where they have brought me and the insight that God has allowed me to have from them. Around December 2017 I had a decision to make. Push out into the scary unknown of opening a faith-based treatment facility and do what I felt the Lord was calling me to do or RUN. At first, I ran. I felt incapable of handling such a task and tried to bargain with God about what he wanted me to do. I wanted to know this was the will of God. So, I started to nudge some doors. The more doors I nudged the more doors flew open. It took me a minute but I understood this was God’s will. I committed myself to Redeemed and Restored and started working. The blessings that I have already received from being a part of this mission have been unbelievable. Our community made it known that they are supportive of our mission. Most everything you see in the facility was donated or heavily discounted. From lumber to drywall, tile, to desks and chairs- It seemed like as soon as I would start to focus my prayer on a new need that someone would take care of that need. God has been working and I am in awe. I am excited to work with our clients and staff in what I truly believe is an amazing atmosphere to work and receive treatment.

Redeemed and Restored is a product of God’s goodness and mercy. We are all about giving people the truth and light of Christ Jesus. I believe that Christ is the starting point in which those lost can be Redeemed through Christ. Then they can dig in his word to be restored through him. That is the purpose and function of Redeemed and Restored.


Candice Groves

CEO and Founder

Redeemed and Restored

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