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Client Handbook

Note: Due to population/facility safety and program parameters, automatic admission dis-qualifiers include the following: 

  • Registered Sex Offenders

  • Severe uncontrolled SMI or SI/HI per clinical review and judgment

  • Adolescents

  • Women

  • Convicted arsonists

  • Clients speaking languages for which no translator is available

  • Clients presenting with Advanced Directives that indicate practices deemed to be medically inappropriate by a licensed provider.

  • Clients that utilize Surrogate Decision Makers that indicate practices deemed to be medically inappropriate by a licensed provider.


Goals and Objectives of Residential Services include:


Goals and Objectives of Residential Services include:


Clinical Services: Weekly individual psychotherapy sessions (1 hour duration each), weekly clinical group psychotherapy sessions (9-10 hours total), assessment-driven, individualized treatment planning, treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health diagnoses, family psychotherapy group sessions/family telephonic consult, crisis counseling, clinically supervised 30+ weekly structured therapeutic hours (alcohol and other drug education, spiritual/existential development classes and activities, health and exercise activities, job skills training, leisure activities), coordination of psychiatric and psychotropic medication services, discharge/relapse prevention planning, and referral to outside agencies for ongoing/adjunctive treatment as necessary.


Case Services: Assist client with legal, financial, educational and personal goals as needed and appropriate. Make referrals for housing/further treatment if applicable. Aide in navigation of community resources and setting up of relapse prevention activities including locating self help meetings, scheduling therapy and medication appointments, providing information on education and employment resources.


Medical Services: Evaluate medical needs and provide management of identified medical problems.  This is accomplished within the following objectives: 1) Initial evaluation of clients upon intake; 2) Proper referral to licensed practitioner. 3) Collaborate with outside medical providers; 4) Provide client education regarding identified medical problems and medication regiments;


All objectives are met by collaboration of the clinical, case and medical service providers and in conjunction with outside providers in order to promote optimal physical, mental and spiritual wellness for the client.   

Facility Rules

  • See Prohibited Rx list

  • You must attend all programmatics of Redeemed and Restored in and outside of the facility.

  • Lights out at 10pm (no lights or noise) during the week, 11pm Friday and Saturday.

  • NO dating or fraternizing while staying at Redeemed and Restored, Inc.

  • All soiled shoes must be removed/not worn in house at ALL!! Shoes must be always worn, no bare feet.

  • NO alcohol, drugs or abuse of prescription medications (all meds will be locked in med room and dispensed according to instructions including mouth wash, Plax, rubbing alcohol, etc.).

  • NO energy drinks allowed.

  • NO weight gain or muscle builder powder or drinks.

  • NO firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed on premises; all personal belongings will be searched when you arrive, and returned back to you within 72 hours if allowed into facility.

  • All unapproved items brought in will be confiscated and destroyed.

  • NO inappropriate music. 

  • Watching TV is permitted in main area and classroom during free time; however you must ask permission, have all studies done first, and have no current write-ups.

  • NO one is permitted to leave premises without approved permission/escorted by staff.

  • There will be no disrespect of staff or anyone staying at Redeemed and Restored at any time.

  • NO eating or drinking in any of the vehicles.

  • NO food or drink allowed in any area except kitchen & dining room. Water is the only exception.

  • Breakfast hours are 7:15 to 7:45 am - Lunch hours are 11:45 am to 12:30 pm – Supper hours are 5 pm to 5:30 pm. (no meals outside these hours w/o prior permission).

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are mandatory; everyone must eat 3 meals a day unless given permission to fast.

  • Everyone will be up daily by 6:00 am, Saturday 8 am, and Sunday 7 am.  All clothing and personal belongings must be put away at this time.   

  • Everyone will be assigned chores that must be completed before class at 9:00 am. 

  • Everyone must brush teeth & shower daily (w/soap, shampoo & toothpaste) & bathroom must be cleaned after each use. 

  • If you want an AM shower you must take it before normal wake up time. 

  • Phone may be used only 3 days per week. Last names ending in A- H Saturday, I- P Monday, Q- Z Thursday. The client will be given 15 minutes per week for personal calls; all calls must be logged on log sheet and dialed by staff . These calls will be placed following evening meds and before 10:30pm. NO incoming calls will be given to the client but to the appropriate counselor or case management staff. 

  • NO answering phone; ONLY Staff may answer phones.

  • NO answering front door, staff or assigned person to greet all visitors.

  • All appointments i.e. doctor, lawyer, court etc must be approved by Director before scheduling. At least 2 week notice.

  • All information from your doctor must be disclosed to the Program Director and Medical Team.

  • Beds must be made neatly as soon as you get up.

  • Everyone must be modestly dressed before leaving sleeping area (shirt w/sleeves, pants & socks).

  • Turn off all electric & water when not in use (waste will not be tolerated).

  • You must wash your sheets, blankets, clothes & towels once a week (hours assigned, no laundry on Sat or Sun)

  • On day of departure all linens and drawers must be cleaned, folded & stored in dresser/on bed assigned to that bed.

  • OFF LIMITS –All staff areas are off limits unless given permission by staff. Dorm areas will be closed (no access) except for sleeping times. Group rooms should only be used during group times unless otherwise approved by staff. No access to mechanical room or staff storage shall be given. 

  • Truthfulness is expected at all times; lying will not be tolerated (all infractions of rules must be reported) Lying means discipline.

  • Entranceway into facility is through the side door while with the group, Kitchen door for all smoke breaks, and front door for entrance and departure.

  • No piercing or new tattoos while residing at Redeemed and Restored, Inc.

  • Don’t touch other people’s property.

  • NO one is to touch thermostats. 

  • NO foul language or derogatory slang tolerated.

  • NO hats or hoods worn in building.

  • NO metal hangers.

  • NO luggage is to be left at Redeemed and Restored. It will be destroyed and/or donated.

  • NO personal linens or pillows.

  • NO inappropriate books or magazines.

  • If you choose to leave without proper release and blessing we will hold any personal items for a maximum of  7 days with blessing. After that they will be distributed to the clothes closet or discarded. We do NOT have the ability to store personal belongings. Tobacco and over the counter medication will be destroyed immediately upon leaving.

  • Drug/smoke/alcohol tests (If lab testing becomes unavailable) Fee structure is as follows: 12 panel drug tests are $15.00 per test. Smoke tests are $5.00 per test. Alcohol tests are $5.00 per test. These charges are over and above fees. All tests will be at no charge for clients treatment being paid for by a voucher program and Insured clients. 


You have two choices - 1) Abide by these rules and grow into a new life w/Christ.  

                             2) Leave to the life you were in


Dorm and Personal Area Standards


  • All beds are to be made neatly each morning upon waking

    • All beds made with two sheets, a blanket, and no more than two pillows. 

  • All dressers

    • Neat inside and out

    • The top may have a clock, lamp, framed photo, a Bible, and study books only

    • No money in dressers

  • All clothes are to be in dressers

  • Nothing is to be attached to the walls w/o staff permission

    • All pictures and cards can be placed on individual pallet boards only

      • Pictures and cards displaying offensive or lude gestures, drug themes, or anyone that appears to be under clothed are strictly prohibited. 

      • Do not remove other client’s displayed material without their consent

  • All dirty laundry is to be stored in an approved laundry basket

  • Common area of the dorm must remain neat and orderly

  • All lighting must be kept in fully active state 

    • Do not remove or adjust light bulbs

  • All lights to be turned off when dorm is empty

  • All empty beds (no clients assigned) should be stripped of all bedding and given to staff

  • Report any damage or breakage to staff immediately

  • You will be assigned to the either the FAITH or HOPE dorm. Please make note of your bed number and dorm assignment for function in the facility. 


Phone Rules


All phone calls are semi-private; 15 minutes maximum. Calls are made on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays only. 


  • Clients whose names end in the letters A – G, calls will be made on Saturday.

  • Clients whose names end in H – P, calls will be made on Monday.

  • Clients whose names end in Q – Z, calls will be made on Thursday.


All calls will be made after med time and before 10:00pm except on Saturdays when cutoff hour will be 11pm.


All calls will be logged with name of person calling, name of person called, phone number, date, time and length of call.


All calls will be monitored by staff or intern.


All phone privileges lost will be lost for a minimum of 7 days.


Calls will only be allowed if staff, intern can monitor all calls.


If client doesn’t connect the 1st time around he will go to end of line and be given one more opportunity to connect.


If Client becomes unruly, rude, abusive or negative then call will be ended by staff and further opportunity to make calls will be revaluated.

Hygiene Rules

  • Do not share knives, forks, and spoons with others 

  • Wash your laundry separately from other client’s laundry – must wash clothes at least once a week 

  • Do not eat from another client’s plate 

  • Do not share clothing, combs, brushes, razors or other personal hygiene items 

  • Keep your room neat and clean 

  • Wash your hands after using the restroom and before each meal 


  • Daily bathing and hygiene required such as brushing teeth, hair and changing clothing

Laundry Rules

Laundry will be done according to bed number. Please see bulletin board for date and time. All linens must be washed weekly Monday after 3pm. Linens should be removed Monday at wake and placed into the specified laundry basket. 

Upon discharge/completion of the program, clients are responsible for laundering their linens and comforter prior to their exit. All should be folded and placed back on the bed. The bed should also be wiped down with disinfectant. 

Outside Food and Drink Rules 

Outside food and drinks are allowed with the following guidelines:

  1. No metal items including canned goods and drinks

  2. Food items should be single serving or snack size and eaten in one setting

  3. All food and drink items must be un-opened and any item will be searched before given to client

  4. Allowance of any food/drink is up to the discretion of Redeemed and Restored, Inc. 


Visitor Procedure


Listed below are the procedures to follow on any of these events:

  • All vehicles of visitors locked.

  • No purses or wallets allowed in only photo I.D.

  • No phones allowed in.

  • If visitor has approved items for a client they must turn it in at entry.

  • No tours of the facility will be given without prior approval.

  • All offices and rooms locked.

  • All should be properly attired according to dress rules.                                                                                                                                     


Redeemed and Restored Visitor’s Dress Code 


  • No low cut, see through, or belly shirts.

  • No spaghetti strap shirts that show the chest area.

  • No short shorts. 

  • Underwear must not be visible. 

  • Skirts and dresses are to be knee length or lower

  • Nothing advertising secular music, drugs, bars, etc.

  • No high heels (safety purposes).

  • No sleeveless shirts for men.

  • No hats worn in the building.

  • No holes or tears in pants above the knee. Men must wear pants above the waist.


This dress code is put in place for the safety of our clients. If you do come in without the proper attire on then you will be asked to either change or leave the premises.

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