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Admission Hours Mon-Thurs 8:00 am- 3:00 pm only 


Suggested Items To Bring

1. 5 pants ( including shorts, dress, Church)
2. 1 sneakers, 1 shoes, 1 shower shoes, 10 pair of socks
3. 10 shirts plus t-shirt (no sleeveless)
4. 10 pair underwear
5. 3 pair pajamas
6. OTC and prescriptions UNOPENED STILL SEALED and in your name. (30 day
supply maximum) Glocometer if applicable.  ​ We do not allow any medications
on the RX prohibited list.  The medications currently on or added to the RX list
will be returned with the family or whoever is transporting the client if
possible. Otherwise, we will store the prohibited medication(s) for 14 days and
then it will be disposed of   properly. The medication(s) will be available for
pick up during normal business hours. If necessary, a substitute medications
will be determined by outside provider.
7. Medical and Insurance Card (if applicable), any medical/social files (if applicable,
Birth Certificate, Driver’s license or state issued ID card, Social Security Card, W-2’s,
last 4 pay stubs, last year’s tax return and current bank statement.
8. Bible (if you own one)
9. NO  cell phones, pocket knives or weapons, opened tobacco products, bleach
products, bedding, CD’s or CD players, iPod’s, earphones, electronic games,
computers, wallets, cameras, expensive watches, necklaces, rings (except wedding
rings), laundry detergent, air freshener, candles, incense, hats, hand sanitizer,

playing cards, sleeveless shirts or tank tops, bandannas or gang related items,
inappropriate books or magazines, hair clippers, coat hangers, keys, tools, personal
linens, pillows, towels, personal vehicle of any kind, Musical instruments only with
10. Fees are based on a sliding scale. Call for free information. All upfront payments
11. You can bring small amount of money to buy snacks out of our cabinet.
12. Hygiene items must be new and unopened. Hygiene items you might need include:
shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, razors, shave
13. Other items permittable are cigarettes, snacks (individually wrapped) and
drinks (individual plastic bottles only)

Note: Due to population/facility safety and program parameters, automatic admission
disqualifiers include the following: 
 Registered Sex Offenders
 Severe uncontrolled SMI or SI/HI per clinical review and judgment
 Adolescents
 Women
 Convicted arsonists
 Clients speaking languages for which no translator is available
 Clients presenting with Advanced Directives that indicate practices deemed to be
medically inappropriate by a licensed provider.
 Clients that utilize Surrogate Decision Makers that indicate practices deemed to be
medically inappropriate by a licensed provider.

Packed Luggage
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