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Here are a few testimonials from previous clients and how Redeemed and Restored, Inc. has changed their lives.  Please enjoy!


Redeemed and Restored is by far the most amazing  treatment  facility center i have ever been to. This pace changed my life forever. It opened my eyes, ears and most of all my heart. Jesus Christ is KEY!!! There is so much hope and love here. God has a plan for all of us; mine began at Redeemed and Restored. When Jesus is in the house everything changes!!!

My name is Mory Burse; I am an alumni of Redeemed and Restored.

Not only did Redeemed and Restored help save my life, but they loved me back to life. I ran from there twice and they never refused me every time I came back. They are a perfect example of followers of Christ. The support they give is beyond words itself. I completed a one-year faith-based rehab, but I received more love, healing, and a new life at R & R’s 28-day program. It is a perfect mixture ranging form biblical to therapy. They helped me run to my calling instead of running from it. Today, I am an Associate Minister at Abundance Grace Ministry. Even after my graduation from Redeemed and Restored, they are still a part of my life. You are not just a client to them; you are their family. Without Redeemed and Restored, I can honestly say I would not know where I would be right now, but since becoming a family member there, my journey continues……





-Mory Burse

Anonymous Testimonies

"This place saved my life with Jesus working through them. They really love us back to life instead of to death.

they loved me back to life and i love everyone of them from the bottom of my heart "


"i love everyone they really show that they love everyone "


"extremely Blessed to have been given the opportunity to come to redeemed and restored best place i have ever been. I want to thank everyone who is a part of this program and all glory goes to god"

"this is a great place for anyone who needs help "


"Just want to thank them for everything!!! They are a blessing."

"im very grateful to have been given the opportunity to go through this program. i had given up my relationship with god completely and in the time i have been here i gained that personal relationship back with him and i had to dig deep and i figured out thing about myself that i didnt see before. im thankful god allowed me to come here and im thankful for the time the staff spent with me in finding myself again"


"Gods grace is prevalent in this facility."

"i just want to thank everyone from reedemed and restored for changing my life. this is the most amazing place i have ever been in my life i truly couldnt have changed without this place every individual loves you with a Godly love. "


"i have learned more here at redeemed and restored, then the year i have been in recovery, this place helpes with a lot of deep issues that i have been having and it has gave me a great deal of hope i would recommend this place over any other treatment center. it was a blessing to be here !!!!! "


"Staff at redeemed and restored are amazing"


Thank you, Redeemed and Restored, for everything, it was a life changing facility, I am truly blessed to have had an opportunity to attend this program. Forever grateful! 


"i want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love i was shown from each and every staff here. i am truly grateful for everything you do "

"this is a great program. i have been Blessed to have had the opportunity to be here. Thankyou Redeemed & Restored!! "


"i love all of you! you all have been so wonderful to me and loved me if i was one of your own i cant begin to thank you all enough for what you have done for me! i owe redeemed & restored a huge debt and will be back to visit and give back 100%

Thank you for everything that has been done for me. The staff here truly cares about everyone here. ms jackie is the greatest "


"Thank you ALL for being part of this life changing part of my life i love you all and God bless....."

"loved the help and thanks for giving my family a new man and a christ man love yall"


"What a wonderful facility! such great God fearing, Jesus loving caring people!!! ... Very, educated and talented people where needed!!! Nothing but great and high PRAISE!!! For Redeemed and restored!!! ... I wish we also got a T-shirt when we left :o), BUT THIS A GREAT GODLY place!!!"

"i love the staff and the counselors and the program and information. i like the clients that have made this program work return to show hope. all you have to do is ask and you can get the help you need. you put in what you get out. i cant think of anymore but i loved it and what it has provided for me. "

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